Training Encounters

Training Encounters offer new & ongoing support & development in the areas of narrative & pastoral practices

Our offerings currently include:

  • An Introduction to Narrative Pastoral Practice’s
  • Advanced Narrative Pastoral Practices
  • One day workshops
  • Workshops with the youth leadership 

What people have said about Narrative Pastoral Practice’s:


“This experience has been a joy and a privilege.  The deep understanding of narrative has been a gift to me and the work I do”


“Ek geniet die metodes wat ons aangeleer het.  Mense is soveel meer as die hartseer and probleme wat hulle saam met hulle dra”


“This training seems in some way to have opened a window and let a new light in”


“I have learnt so much about myself and who I am”


“I have loved exploring pastoral narrative ideas very much and I wish I had encountered it much earlier in my life”


“I loved the creativity that was used on this course.  It helped me understand the ideas so clearly”


“I was touched by the amount of enjoyment showed by all the exercises we were exposed to”


“This has been an amazing time of re-learning and thickening pastoral narrative ideas.”


“This course has clarified areas I had previously struggled with in the work I do with people”


“I loved seeing a different perspective of how Jesus was in the world”


“This training has opened up a new way of thinking & listening for me which I am grateful for”


“This course took me on a journey of wonderment and I go away feeling more confident in who I am and the work I do in ministry”