The Well
place of pastoral encounter and hope 
The Well offers:
- sanctuary to those who are worn out & tired,
- water to the thirsty
- community and space to gather
- encounters with the Living Christ
- and welcomes the marginalised, lost and voiceless “Samaritan’s” in our midst
…with acceptance and love
Contact Sharlene at The Well for any info on 010 140 0217 
Careline: An after hours telephone service: 082 775 7524
Bereavement Care
After the loss of a loved one, caregivers contact the bereaved; offering care, a listening ear and assistance with practical needs and prayer.
Nu Life Widows Support
This is a ministry for widows wishing to join and participate in a community that cares and supports one another. A 'bring and share' lunch is held in The Well on the last Saturday of the month.
Pastoral Support through Conversation
Under the supervision of a registered psychologist, caregivers assist those who are overcome by stress, trauma and problems.
Hospital Visitation
Teams visit the sick that are hospitalised in Benoni, giving them support and a glimpse of laughter through their recovery.
Play Therapy
For children between the ages of 3 and 11 who are unable to give voice to their pain.
Divorce Recovery
This 10 week course is for adults and children wishing to recover from the heartache of divorce.
Guided Prayer
A deliberate time when you meet with a guide to learn deepen your prayer life.
Caregivers routinely phone households on Thursday mornings to offer prayer, support and encouragement.
Men Supporting Men with Cancer
A ministry of men who offer support, care and understanding for men living with cancer, who get together every 2nd Wednesday evening at 7pm in The Well.
Women's Cancer Support
This is a ministry of women who offer emotional support by sharing life-affirming experiences in a place that is safe, every 2nd Saturday of the month at 8:30am in The Well.
The Healing Well
Every Wednesday from 11am-4pm in The Well, we offer a prayer group available to all who are in a difficult place or experiencing pain through illness.